What's New?

Jared: April 2010

Welcome to the team Jared! Jared will be heading up the customer service side of Partybands.

Social Networking Features: 19 October 2009

We just added a nifty we gadget that lets you share the band you're looking at on any social networking site (like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace), bookmark the site online or email the band to yourself. This will be handy if you're planning an event and you want your friends' and family's opinion on your choice of band! The button looks like this:

Share |
and it appears at the top of every band's profile. Go to your favourite band and give it a try!

Jared: April 2010

Welcome to the team Jared! Jared will be heading up the customer service side of Partybands. Welcome to the party Jared!

Credit Card Payments: 10 August 2009

You can now pay for your band by Credit Card! That means you can pay for the perfect band for your gig by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Cheque or Direct Credit.

Sorting & Featured Bands: 26 June 2009

There's over 200 bands on Partybands (golly!), and we wanted to make it a bit easier to find the perfect one. So now you can sort by a band's popularity, their price, their name or, if you are feeling lucky you can mix it up a little!
We've also added Featured Bands to help you quickly find a great back for your event.

Razzy Club Partnership : 21 May 2009

We're working with Razzy Club, a website dedicated to helping people put together great parties to promote our best bands. You might want to check out some of Razzy Club's resources on their website, here.

New Bells & Whistles: 7 February 2009

Wow! 2009! More improvements and heaps of new bands coming online soon. If you're interested in how the booking process works, we've put up some extra info online here.

New Mp3 Player: 11 November 2008

In the theme of new gadgets and looks and stuff - we've upgraded our mp3 player to fix the problem that a very small number of clients had listening to our band's music (it looks a little nicer too).

New Look: 27 October 2008

Our webmonkeys have been working hard to improve the look of Partybands.co.nz. Hope you like it!

Loads of Bands: 19 September 2008

Wow, it's been a busy few months at Partybands. We just did a tally to see how many New Zealand bands we feature - and came out with 121! That's a HUGE selection of great kiwi covers bands for your viewing and listening pleasure. More are being added every day. Enjoy the Party!

Better Band Search: 23 May 2008

So you're looking for a band and you only have $1500 to spend, but you don't want to have to plow through all our bands who cost upwards of $1500... No problem, now you can narrow your search! Just look out for the Narrow Your Search Box on the region and style pages.

Narrow your Search (screenshot)

Online Advertising: 26 April 2008

Some of you really observant people would have noticed that our region and style pages have little unobtrusive ads up the top. Partybands is now offering advertising to companies that have products or services that are appropriate to you, the lovely people who visit our site. We also offer free advertising to approved not-for-profit organisations.

Partybands is committed to being responsible in advertising: we won't do pop-up ads, we will NEVER sell anyone's information to anyone else, and we will endeavor to be responsible and ethical in choosing our advertisers.

If you want to advertise on Partybands.co.nz, or if you have any questions - send an email to advertising@partybands.co.nz and we'll be in touch.

Geek Trivia - Human Web Addresses: 6th April 2008

Up until today, links on Partybands have been a bit scary. Say you wanted to check out The Station (great band by the way) you'd have to go here: http://www.partybands.co.nz/crazyaddress?123848585690. That's easy enough for you to remember if you have a degree in Rocket Science; but not what you'd expect the rest of us to understand.

Now Partyband's web addresses are a little more human. To check out the station you'd just go here: http://www.partybands.co.nz/talent/thestation - a bit easier to remember - or stick on a business card.

Bands can change your Web Address by logging in and clicking on the 'My Profile' Tab.

Just a little bit of a geek thing to make life easier for you.


New Contact Details: 1st April 2008

We've got a new phone number! From now on when you need info on bands fast - just call 0800BANDS4U (we know it's tacky- but it's memorable) and we'll sort you out, toll free. This number is available during business hours, but outside these hours feel free to leave a message and we'll get right back to you.


Searchalicious Search Boxes: 10th March 2008
Like Apple's obsession with the iPhone - we just keep playing with Partybands.co.nz to make it better. You can now enter in keywords to find a band that's just right for your gig. So if you're looking for bands that feature ACDC in their setlist - or if you just want to go straight to The Station, hit Find a Band then Keyword, type in ACDC or station and the fervent Partybands webmonkeys will find what you're looking for and pop it up on your screen.

We've also played with the overall look to make it a bit easier on the eye and cross-browser-friendly.

More features to come...

By the way: if you have an idea that would improve your partybands.co.nz experience - and let us know.