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Before you sign up to you've got to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  • To use this service you agree to represent your band online in an accurate and honest way.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that any content uploaded to Partybands does not infringe copyright.
  • By using this service you understand that reserves the right to remove content, or decline to add content on the website at anytime.
  • I understand that runs by adding a small commission on top of my band's asking price. I won't attempt to contact the client directly and circumvent this process.
  • will keep your information private and not release it to third parties without your consent.
  • is for New Zealand Based Bands only. You must have a New Zealand Postal Address to join
  • You, as the band, are responsible for your own tax obligations. Your relationship with Partybands is that of an independent contractor; it is your responsibility that you pay tax to the IRD on money made from your gigs.

That's it! Pretty simple really. No funny hats or secret handshakes.

Sorry, you may only join partybands if you agree to our terms and conditions.

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