The Mighty Ramble

The Mighty Ramble, the best way to light up your party this side of the black stump


The roots of the band go back to the beginning of the century when guitarist and front man Al Campbell met up with Drummer Andy Hoy at the Massey Jazz school. The connection was severed temporarily when Campbell departed for England for two years.

The musical partnership with Hoy was rekindled early in 2007, by which time the focus of the music had shifted from Jazz to Blues. Working with many different local musicians the band started performing classic blues songs under the name "Freddie Crooked Mouth" at various local venues and party's.

Towards the end of the year, Campbell and Hoy met up with double bassist Seamus Jolly who had moved to Wellington earlier that year. Originally from Masterton, Jolly studied music at the Christchurch Jazz School. The chemistry with this new line up was immediate and soon original songs were being added to the repertoire. An new moniker was needed for this new evolution and The Mighty Ramble was born.


  • Bleeding Heart - Elmore James
  • You Belong To Me - Magic Sam
  • Low Down Dirty Deal - T-Bone Walker
  • I'm Ready - Willie Dixon (Muddy Waters)
  • Whiskey Headed Man - Tommy McClennan
  • Who Do You Love - Bo Diddley
  • Standing Around Crying - Muddy Waters
  • Hear My Train Coming - Jimi Hendrix
  • Woman Across The River - Freddy King
  • Fire - Jimi Hendrix

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