RIPTIDE: We are Nelson's newest band / duo. We pride ourselves to have a total different concept, look and dynamic.


Our instruments are vocals/guitar, cocktail drum kit, bass guitar, ukulele and harp.

Our setlist includes many classics as well as a lot of contemporary songs, music for young and old. We adjust our sound and song choice to either more of a funky drum sound or a bass groove and work all the other instruments around that.

Craig Lee is the main vocalist / guitarist, Andreas plays either drums or bass and also Ukulele. We are both very experienced players and performers, our duo has been doing very well in and around Nelson, we usually play pubs and clubs, but we are also specialised in functions ranging from weddings, birthday parties etc.


  • Save tonight
  • Im yours
  • Fisherman blues
  • Alice
  • Hold back the river
  • Pumped up Kicks
  • Ho hey
  • Sex on Fire
  • Babylon
  • Lion man
  • Flower in your hair
  • Springsteen
  • Im on Fire
  • Blame it on me
  • Budapest
  • The Nights
  • Clocks
  • Sedona
  • Riptide
  • Wagonwheel
  • All summer long
  • Listen to the man
  • Drive buy
  • Counting Stars
  • All about the bass
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow-Uke
  • Copperhead road
  • Religion
  • Wonderwall
  • Love will call
  • Break Even
  • Soul sister
  • Weather with you
  • Why does love
  • LoverLover
  • Tuesday morning
  • 500 miles
  • On my way
  • April sun
  • Blue Lady
  • Loyal
  • Over the hill
  • Mr Jones
  • The Gambler
  • Walk in Wild side
  • Take your Mama Out
  • Reverly
  • Lucky Man

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